I founded Niche University to help people start a side hustle and build a business they love and want to work on out of passion, not just to make income alone.

With the problems encountered by many with the Google HCU, or Helpful Content Updates, being true to your personal knowledge and experiences with a site is CRITICAL and unavoidable.

In addition, most other sites have huge costs to pay to join them, but some can be worth it as they provide more advanced concepts or unique perspectives on an online business.

What I want to do here for everyone is allow you to get yourself started, begin to build your business, and then you can decide to find a perfect community or course that aligns more with your needs.

My hands-on, actual Course Reviews can be found here if you want my input.

Come on over and jump into all the courses I have created to help kickstart your website and grow your own business on the internet.