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This is all content which covers unique or different takes, may have writings from people who want to provide some guidance to subject matter experts who enjoy teaching.

Empty office with a laptop siting open but unused

The Death Of Blogging: The Rise of AI Chat Bots & Content

The blogging world reacts as expected to the rise of AI content with the familiar statement… “blogging is dead” but this is more a blogging evolution!

Blog at the center of a web of links

Risks and Rewards of Guest Posting and Private Blog Networks

Discover the key differences of a guest post vs PBNs. Learn the pros and cons of each and decide which is best for your website’s link building strategy.

Affiliate Lab Review: Complete Authority Blogging System

Learn everything about Affiliate Lab, its features, pros and cons, and how it can help you grow your affiliate business.


A key to the whole niche website build is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. You must write for humans but also match it well to how bots interpret your words to ensure you reach page one.

Dial pointing to different domain TLDs like .com, .org, .net

Ranking Accelerated: Unlocking Power With An Aged Domain

Well, it might be time to look into aged domain names. What is an aged domain? They are a powerful yet often overlooked tool to lift your marketing efforts.

SEO and User Intent in search in yellow wording

User Intent: Understanding How User Intent Matters in SEO

Do you want to know the key to success in SEO? Today we will discuss what is user intent in SEO and why it matters so much for a Niche Website owner.

SEO sign with a White Fedora hat on the S to showcase "White Hat SEO" approach

White Hat SEO: Why So Many Affiliates Bend From The Standard

If you are new to blogging and online site building you may be wondering what is white hat SEO? Today we will dive into what makes White Hat the right approach.


The key to any affiliate or niche website is the content itself, it is what ranks and gets you that all-important organic traffic that is required to build significant income without purchasing ads.

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Blog Posting Frequency: The Missing Piece of Your Puzzle

Get the tips you need to optimize your blog’s posting frequency and drive growth and engagement. Discover the optimal frequency for posting to gain momentum!

Man typing in his post content into the WordPress CMS

Writing Website Content: Tips and Tricks for Engaging Visitors

Discover the best tips and practices for writing website content that captivates your audience and boosts your SEO. Learn how to craft compelling headlines, structure your content for readability.

Content Originality: The Plague Of Outsourcing Good Content

AI content detection has been hard to lock down as there are many tools and many issues when reading text that could look like it is clear.


We all typically start due to wanting to build an income stream, whether side hustle and passive or building a brand and an authority site with courses and memberships. This content is all aimed at helping you maximize the hours you spend.

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Building Ad Revenue Using Ezoic Ad Tester Chrome Extension

Looking to help add a new layer of monetization to your site is the thing most niche site owners should be interested in.

Googleplex in Mountainview with Google logo

WordPress Monetization: How To Monetize With Google Adsense

Do you want to monetize your WordPress blog but don’t know where to start? Today we will be discussing how to monetize WordPress blogs with google AdSense.

Man holding up a cell phone screen with Ezoic, Mediavine, and AdThrive logos. These are the three most popular ad networks for affiliate niche websites

Display Ads: Why They Are a Necessary Evil & How To Run Ads

Using display ads to better overall monetize content and build a better and more stable income platform. So why use display ads, and how to run ads on blogs?


As a part of NicheU, I love to look at WordPress, dig into themes and tools, and provide a straightforward way to use this amazingly free CMS!

Solid Affiliate is the number one WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin For adding affiliate sales to your shop

Easily Add an Affiliate Program to Your WooCommerce Store

Let’s discuss how using WooCommerce for affiliate marketing can help you out and why adding affiliates should be a vital focus of your company to help sales!

The fastest theme in WordPress - carbonate theme review

Carbonate Theme Review: Explosive Site Speed

Focus on speed and performance due to Google and their Core Web Vitals updates means efficient and fast-loading themes are more important than ever.