Simple Blogging System

I want to make this process simple to start, nothing is worse when learning something and people try to use big words and complex sayings to confuse you and make you feel dumb.

Welcome to the Simple Blogging System, this course will be designed to help a completely new person how to build and assemble their basic site.

For many the hardest part of even starting a side hustle is the overall amount of things they have to learn or figure out to allow them to even get started and while there is a lot of parts hopefully by the end you will see these as less of a problem.

This Simple Blogging Course is focused on teaching you the following to help get you up and running as quick and efficiently as possible.

  1. Niche Selection – Discuss choosing what is the perfect niche or direction for your site, thinking about issues like trademarks and ensuring you research prior to making the decision.
  2. Choosing Your Domain
  3. WordPress For Beginners – Many are overwhelmed by WordPress and due to this they don’t set up what the need to and avoid some quality features to help load speed.
    • Admin Interface – Cover and explain the WordPress admin dashboard, please note this can change with updates so the video should be close most times but contact me if it is out of date and I have missed it.
    • Posts Vs Pages – People seem to lean one way or the other, neither are better or worse than the other but they have key differences quickly noted below:
      • Posts are structured based on assigned, user created, categorization. These can have a heirarchically organized structure or be flat, this will depend on your choices and needs.
      • Pages are structured heirarchically where you choose who is the parent and you can embed pages as subpages underneath the parent. Watch the video here to understand how this aligns.
    • Themes – These “style” your site for the visitors, also called the “front end”. These can be simple to massively complex with many starting on simpler free themes and moving to more capable theme options later.
    • Plugins – Addons to your site which can provide better enhanced options, change layouts, provide alternate fields and so much more.
    • Media – Discuss setting up your media sizes as these are used within WordPress to scale your images and this can lead to direct speed benefits when handled properly.
  4. Setting Up Search Consoles – You want to add your site into Google and Bing search consoles at the start to ensure both search engines know of the site but also this starts the process of seeing keywords they both say your content ranks for.
  5. Setting Up Analytics – Analytics is required to help you see easily which content is the most visited and to see where traffic comes from like organic search engine, social media, direct, or other sources.
Choosing Your Niche

Niche Selection

What is frequently thought of the least for new bloggers who just “wanna get started”. Dialing this in is vital to long term success, don’t rush it!