Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the thing that separates niche site owners and hobbyists, you must build content that reads well to humans as these are the primary focus but also makes sense to algorithms, bots, and computers so that it ranks effectively.

Dial pointing to different domain TLDs like .com, .org, .net

Ranking Accelerated: Unlocking Power With An Aged Domain

Well, it might be time to look into aged domain names. What is an aged domain? They are a powerful yet often overlooked tool to lift your marketing efforts.

SEO and User Intent in search in yellow wording

User Intent: Understanding How User Intent Matters in SEO

Do you want to know the key to success in SEO? Today we will discuss what is user intent in SEO and why it matters so much for a Niche Website owner.

SEO sign with a White Fedora hat on the S to showcase "White Hat SEO" approach

White Hat SEO: Why So Many Affiliates Bend From The Standard

If you are new to blogging and online site building you may be wondering what is white hat SEO? Today we will dive into what makes White Hat the right approach.

document with keywords on a table showing relationships to SEO and content.

Keyword Use: How Many Keywords Should You Use In Content

Many SEO plugins tell you keywords have a magic density to rank. This is the story of a decade ago and not now, so how many keywords should i use?

Newspaper clippings showing how effective titles can showcase content for a reader

Blog Title Crafting Guide: Creating SEO-Friendly Headlines

When writing content you want to get clicks and traffic you need headlines to draw in searchers, today we discuss how to title blog posts for SEO optimization...

Image of a robot pointing out and counting links - what are tier 2 links

Tier 2 Links: What Are They and When Are They Important?

Building a strong backlink profile is vital for affiliate niche websites. This leads many to want to learn what are tier 2 links and how to build them out.

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