Content Originality: The Plague Of Outsourcing Good Content

For those who build content sites at scale, the issues you face come from many…

For those who build content sites at scale, the issues you face come from many directions, you have to make sure the writers you hire are building high-quality original content.

Then you have to make sure this high value and cost work is not stolen from other sites and paraphrased along with not being AI content, as much of AI content comes across as fluff content that pads word count.

AI content detection has been hard to lock down as there are many tools and many issues when reading text that could look like it is clear but by using tools like AI for patterns you can distinguish it from some of the newer tools.

Since I met Jon Gilham and trusted his technical skills I have jumped in with both feet to Originality.AI which helps to detect plagiarism and has a robust ability to detect AI content which is invaluable when creating at scale.

Why Does Content Originality Matter?

With Google wanting to have unique content the time is now to make sure that the content you have and the content you are adding meets this quality guideline.

As you grow and the content is written less by yourself you will face issues around plagiarism and generic AI content possibly weighing your site down if you don’t have a process to identify it prior.

Originality I see as the “you” in the content, what makes your content better than others or different. We live in a Google that’s been dominated by tools like SurferSEO when “cloning” the parts of the top 10 is the key to success.

What this has done is made loads of basically the same content on the web, which is bad for searchers and visitors and Google, this is why the Spam updates have begun and their Helpful Content Updates.

What is AI Generated Content?

If you aren’t aware you would probably be in the minority, but AI-generated content is content created by artificial intelligence using amazing source tools like GPT-3.

You may know these tools people have built and refined with the biggest one currently being Jasper.AI, while the tools are helpful and valuable the problems with them still abound.

AI content is built using math and probability, so when the AI is trained on content it built a huge repository of what words follow another word, then using math it applied how often and this math builds the content.

It isn’t scraping content but instead using a very human way to understand how content is typically created, one word at a time with our brains doing the math to what word or punctuation to put next.

Due to this being a math-based approach though it is detectable as the reference material could only cover so much content and so many different arrays of words.

While the content looks and reads like a human reads it when a bot like Google crawls and processes it the same math used to create it can expose it and the detection is then fed into their algorithms.

This is what can lead to the downfall of your site when not checked and managed well, finding and detecting the problems and resolving them before even publishing is the key for most content creators!

What is Plagiarized Content?

Before AI this was the largest issue most content publishers would see, their writers would basically take sections of other people’s work and then reword parts.

As you can expect this can lead to many issues for the site owner as you can get pulldown notices, DMCA requests, or get your whole account taken down with very little notice and then need to prove or remove.

You are building a business and you definitely don’t want it to be associated with content theft, the plan to detect and resolve the issue needs to occur before publishing.

What is AI Detection?

AI detection is new on the market, with the popularity explosion of GPT-3 content has never been made as fast or efficiently as it can be done today with platforms allowing you to create vast content in a short time.

Detecting this has been the issue for most tools are always a generation behind the AI software, this is why new work with the tools is vital to a clean and quality web.

Basically, these tools use the same logic used to make the AI content to try and reverse engineer the creation it would build, this makes these tools difficult to create without an engineering background.

That’s why Originality.AI is different, Jon Gilham has an engineering background and has built tools like Motion Invest to help out this niche website community before.

There is loads of background code work that works to find and detect these anomalies in the generated text to let you know those good writers and those trying to shortcut the system for a quick buck on you.

What Makes Originality.AI So Valuable?

The world today offers many tools that can do parts of the checks needed from a website publisher or blogger. Where Originality.AI shines in value is in merging many into one tool at a smaller cost per 100 words than the other competition.

Tool Is built For Teams With a Focus on Team-Based Access

Unlike most tools that are built for a single user and then scale pricing up for “business” accounts the whole software was built around you being a single-person business to tens or hundreds of members.

You control your team and then who has access to what on your team as a team member with a simple interface.

Originality AI - Teams user interface screenshot

Detects Both AI Content and Plagiarism

A powerful tool that provides you with both AI content detection and plagiarism to ensure what you create is unique and that you are paying writers for true, quality content.

Credits Can Auto Bill Allowing No Delay In Validating Content Prior to Publishing

With the card on file as you run out of credits to check your account can be auto-billed to ensure your teams can continue to work without constant hand-holding to make payments or we are stuck not checking until payment is made.

Final Thoughts on AI Content Detection

Moving into the future of AI is a stressful time for many as their businesses rely on content to gain display ad income from places like Ezoic, and affiliate offers.

Losing out to Google due to having content viewed as spam or not helpful can lead to losses in revenue quickly which will impact your entire site growth and willpower, don’t allow yourself to get caught because you didn’t want to check.

Why pay for two or more software to do partial checks only to take that output and then need to feed it into another software, join today and get started validating content!