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Finding the best tools and resources is dreadfully important for anyone choosing to build their business; investing in yourself and your knowledge along with the tools to maximize your returns can help accelerate your progress.

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Courses We Recommend

We have a lot of free resources on our site here, but sometimes you need a more in-depth course with more support and easy access to paid content that may help speed you up.
Due to this, the two courses below we know can provide you with amazing information to help you build a website and, if you are interested, a supporting YouTube channel.

The Affiliate Lab

Matt Diggity made himself a name building numerous businesses in the SEO world and beyond, this course is much more technical oriented and focused on real applicable skills.

The Authority Site System

Mark and Gael are very respected in online marketing circles and their courses have continued to cover everything from beginner to more advanced topics.


Matt G knows how to build sites, he has built a reputation for going against the grain and bringing himself into each project so he is unique to the space.

Project24 By Income School

Ricky and the team at Income School have built a name and reputation on building sites with a focus on high-value content instead of focusing solely on backlinks.

Display Ads We Recommend

All sites should use display advertising as this is purely passive income that can easily be added to the content, especially informational content where affiliate income tends to be less frequent.
This allows a site owner to add income onto possibly otherwise unmonetizable posts and content in general.

Ezoic Display Ads

The best way to start and monetize your site early is to start adding ads onto your site, this can give you simple income directly for each post you create leading to early success and adding faith to your pursuit.

Hosting We Recommend

Hosting is critical to any website online now. With Google pushing Page Speed as a ranking factor today, focusing on high performing hosting that won’t break the bank is essential.
The two below give you fantastic performance, the left being the more budget approach and the right giving you outstanding speed.

Host Armada

Host Armada is one of the hosts I choose to use as their Speed Reaper is exceedingly fast, and it comes in at an excellent cost when you buy a year or more at once.


If you want a quality cloud provider who helps manage servers and provides a simple interface to scale to the perfect size for your needs then look no further!


Rocket.Net is amazingly fast; while they are more expensive than other hosts, they are a blend of support like shared but with the performance of a cloud instanced server.


If you are looking for high-quality managed hosting then the team at BigScoots is perfect, helping you when you have concerns and working well with ads.

Spidrweb Hosting

Use our coupon code “nicheuniversity” at checkout for 10% off your hosting needs with one of the most quality hosts you can find online with Spidrweb!


For those who want serious horsepower Kinsta provides amazing support along with the raw speed to maximize even gigantic sites.

WordPress Themes We Recommend

When you are focused on overall speed and having your affiliate site load quickly, then being choosy with your themes is important.

GeneratePress Pro

While many choose the free version, the Pro version of GeneratePress is much more powerful, providing you with critical functions to build a truly unique website.


For a genuinely user-focused website where your content stands at the front. Carbonate is built from Bootstrap and is simple and fast, reaching high scores without much effort.


This theme is built for those who prefer not to tinker. With a single 30-minute or less to configure, you can be focused on content with an amazingly high-performance website.

Kadence Pro

One of the newer themes and similarly built like GeneratePress uses the power of the Gutenberg Editor to make highly customizable websites without a web degree.

WordPress Plugins We Recommend

Choosing WordPress plugins can be complex; the more plugins you have, the higher your chances of having a slower website overall, primarily when you use free plugins, as these aren’t coded to the same level as a paid plugin.

Each of the below plugins offers a high payoff for you and your site functionality for a nominal cost, some you may not need immediately, and others will make your job simpler the larger you get.

GenerateBlocks Pro


Amalinks Pro

Out of all the plugins available for Amazon, Amalinks Pro is the best option for account safety while providing a NON-API and API option that allows new and existing affiliates the same powerful toolsets.


Lasso is built for affiliate marketers, and it focuses on allowing you to write and focus on what’s important and less on the building and managing links to your products.


One crucial thing all affiliate sites have to do is to build solid internal links between content to help visitors find helpful content and spread link juice for SEO.

Rankmath Pro

Most affiliate niche sites need an SEO plugin; these plugins help you make tailored headers and descriptions for the search engines to display.

Writing Services We Recommend

There is a wide range of content creation services available online. The below are ones that I view to create solid content and approach it in a better way than others with a focus on solid information-based content that is unique and solid performing.

We Write Blog Posts

A strong and consistently performing content creation service has long been a standout in wanting to create quality solid content for anyone building websites, P24 or not.

Use Coupon “WHITEHATBL10” for 10% off your first order!

Passion Posts

Created by finding writers with a unique passion, Louis built a content creation company in a new and fantastic fashion. By finding people who have real-world knowledge on specific subjects to create excellent content efficiently.



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