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Ezoic Flickify - The Best Tool To Convert Content to Video For Your Visitors

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Are you someone who knows that video suits your website performance but has been too busy or anxious to record and post content? Well, today, I have a fantastic tool to show you. So what is Flickify anyway?

Flickify is a tool from Ezoic that allows you to take written content and convert it into videos, using AI to help craft backgrounds and images to present your content in more unique ways.

This is perfect for those who love to write content but are too scared or nervous to record themselves, allowing you to get videos possibly ranking in search and exploding your traffic numbers.

Recently Ezoic launched Flickify to help make your excuses null and void, and this tool is an amazingly simple-to-use video creation machine.

Take your content and flip it into an interactive video to help rank your content even better and present your visitors with the content style they choose to interact with!

How To Access Flickify

First and foremost, you need a website on the Ezoic service (Click here to sign up today).

Once you have added your website and Ezoic and Google Ad Manager have approved your site for display ads, you can dig into the Flickify tool and much more.

Once Within Ezoic Dashboard

Within your Ezoic dashboard, the top tabs will have an option for Flickify:

Ezoic - Flickify In Ezoic Menu Bar

Click on the button, which will take you to the Main Flickify menu area.

Building Video Using Post Content

Flickify allows you to create content, you can choose to make a video from scratch, build from a script you enter, or you can choose to import into a post and use it for the main content in the video.

For most publishers converting content into a video will be the most efficient use of your time, primarily if you have already written loads of content on your website.

For simplicity’s sake, I will cover using the import post content method below, but in the video, you can find me showcasing each option and why you may choose to use another option.

Choose Post To Use As Input

From the main page above (Flickify Dashboard), you will have the option to add your site URL with the post you want to convert into a video.

Ezoic Flickify Main Screen

As you can see, this is very simple, and once you paste in the URL, you can hit [ GO ].

If you have very long-form content, the system will work to summarize it as best as possible, and I would highly suggest you go in and edit this list to pull out the critical points of interest you want to be covered.

Ezoic - Flickify Notification Content Too Long

Click the [ Select ] button over the top of either the Original or the Summarized to move forward to the video creation screen.

Validate AI Choice and Update

You will now get a page similar to the image below, and this will have the video title on the top left-hand side and an arranged list of slides for you to edit.

Ezoic - Flickify Main Editor Window

On the right sidebar will be each slide and the text that will be converted into spoken word. The content in each slide will initially match this spoken text, but it can be edited to show different text than what is made spoken.

Choose Images, Video, or Text For Each Slide

You can replace this text with an image or video from the left-hand sidebar. It offers a simple search to locate keyword-based content to insert.

This allows you to create amazingly customized content in short order, with many creating and editing this selection of slides in less than 5 minutes.

Now you can move to the audio by selecting the gear option and opening the settings.

Ezoic - Flickify Settings for Audio Selection

Choose An Audio Track Overlay

Once inside the settings, you can choose both the audio narrator. There is a wide range of men and women and a wide array of language support, with more being added frequently.

Below the narration, you will see [ Add Track ]. This will allow you to choose from a selection of approved audio.

Additionally, if you have a license or personal audio and have rights to it, you can choose to upload this instead, allowing you a lot of flexibility.

Generate Preview and Final Render

Clicking on the top left button for [ Preview ] will create a quick preview in low resolution for you to watch and evaluate if ready and allow for publishing should you like it and want to move forward.

Ezoic - Flickify Preview Render for Evaluation

Once complete, you can click the [ I’m Done. Render My Video ] button.

Final Thoughts on Flickify on Ezoic

This tool will be a game-changer for many who want a video added to their post content but are worried about adding their face or recording their voice.

If you haven’t signed up and changed from AdSense or another display ads service, make the swap today by clicking here and starting the process to grow your content.

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