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ezoic wordpress hosting review

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Ezoic is unique as they typically help you to serve ads but what many don’t know is that they offer a unique hosting option that resides within their AWS infrastructure which means it yields quality performance and can help you keep costs under control as you grow.

This move can help limit headaches some hosts have with whitelisting AWS IP addresses that are on Ezoic’s service, these “origin” errors are one of the things that plague many consistently on cheaper hosting packages.

Note you do need to be on Ezoics service but also have to have ads enabled, this isn’t free hosting it may be more “supportive” hosting at no cost.

ezoic wordpress hosting review

What is Ezoic WordPress Hosting?

Ezoic WordPress hosting is a service they provide which allows your site to exist within the Ezoic AWS instance, this can give you exceptional hosting speed and performance for absolutely free.

While many look at free hosting and ask what the catch is for Ezoic it helps them by helping you as you serve display ads to your visitors which pays Ezoic and yourself making it a mutual benefit or technically a perk.

Technically a Perk to Utilizing Ezoic

I feel that it is a perk more than anything as you have to serve ads on Ezoic to continue on the hosting side through their service.

This means you can’t choose to host on Ezoic and serve no ads to your visitors and you can’t migrate to another ad provider without first migrating off the Ezoic hosting platform.

Why Choose to Switch to Ezoic WordPress Hosting?

There are many benefits to making the jump over to Ezoic hosting which can be helpful when focused on building and keeping as much income in your hands for other purposes like outsourcing content instead of paying your host.

Benefits to Ezoic Hosting

The major benefit to moving onto Ezoics hosting obviously will be the reduction in costs you pay but also the cloud infrastructure of AWS is very powerful.

This means your site will be able to take spikes in visits with less worry than any shared host could provide.

Removal Of Personal Hosting Expenditure

The cost of hosting is one of the biggest issues for many new site owners as it can be 6-8 months before you see any real traffic from your hard work and effort.

This can mean shortly after getting real visits you are up for renewal at 12 months on a shared plan that can cost you $400 or more leading people to start finding a hosting plan for a better deal, why not move to Ezoic and be free from this strain?

Unlimited Cloud-Based Resources

The AWS hosting is basically unlimited and while not directly tied to your WordPress installation there is no limitation on the power your server can utilize from the cloud.

This means no longer do you need to worry about CPU limits, I/O limits, or any other technical limit a shared host may have in place that can force you to move to another provider as your traffic grows.

In addition, you have no worry about your image sizes other than to ensure they are the right size to load efficiently and quickly, with Ezoic you don’t need to worry about paying for additional storage.

Migration Is Easy

As the setup is located within your Ezoic dashboard it is simple and fast to get started, you just need to enable it and it will create a blank WordPress website which you can then use a plugin like Updraft Plus to clone your existing installation.

This migration process is simple and I would recommend it for those who are tired of paying for hosting that gives them little to no room to grow.

Drawbacks to Ezoic Hosting

There are downsides depending on what you have become accustomed to with other hosting providers but overall they are minimal and can be worked around.

No Cpanel Access

Many website owners lean on Cpanel for a variety of tasks from creating e-mail accounts to managing backups and more.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t exist on Ezoic so if you need to have email you would need to pay for some external email provider and configure the DNS records.

Have to Already Have Hosting and Site Active and Growing

You can’t start a fresh domain and WordPress on Ezoic, there needs to be an accepted site onto the platform and it also needs to have traffic.

This is likely a combination of them wanting to ensure the sites are active and have the potential to make money before they invest in hosting them.

Have To Serve Ads

This may come as no surprise but you must serve ads on your site to continue to have your site hosted on Ezoic, this is how they make money to host your site for free.

Have to Migrate Off If You Change Ad Provider

The final issue isn’t a problem or issue for technically sound individuals but if you planned to move on from Ezoic you would need to purchase hosting and transfer your website to this new hosting prior to moving providers.

Overall the negatives are manageable and shouldn’t stop you from considering a switch if the positives look good for your current situation.

How To Transfer Your Site To Ezoic’s Free WordPress Hosting

My Experience With Ezoic WordPress Hosting So Far

I have all my Ezoic ad sites on their hosting now as it is fast and I don’t need to worry about CPU or I/O limits. This allows me to focus on building content and optimizing and growing ad and affiliate income.

The migration using Updraft Plus went well and all my sites load fast and efficiently without any direct impact on user time-on-page. I still use Cloudflare in front of them for the CDN and security benefits but that is more part of the speed of Ezoic.

I would recommend Ezoic to those who are looking for a free WordPress hosting solution that can scale alongside your business. Ads are vital to growing a more passive income overall allowing the site to make money long after you publish any content.

Get Started with Ezoic Ads (Even if You’re Brand New to Blogging!)

You can have a small site without a lot of traffic! get started NOW, even if you’re a new blogger with only a few hundred pageviews per day, you can apply to Ezoic and once accepted begin setting up Google Ad Manager and their new MCM to serve high-paying ads.

Ezoic offers one of the most intuitive but option-filled dashboards and toolsets I’ve ever used and it’s easy to set up individual ad placeholders either with Chrome and the Chrome extension or the better way using the Ezoic WordPress plugin and the automatic placeholders.

It’s smart and will test different ad layouts to see which ones earn you the most money while still providing a good user experience for your visitors.

As you can see, there are several reasons to switch to Ezoic including cost savings, easier migration, site speed, and ads that actually make you money. If you’re interested in giving them a try be sure to click here to sign up today!

Additional Benefits When Starting With Ezoic

There are some additional tools that are incredibly valuable that Ezoic offers to all users which include:

LEAP – Pagespeed Optimizer

LEAP is their platform for full-speed optimization with the goal being to get you as close to passing all of Google’s CWV or Core Web Vitals, and maintain user experience at the same time.

Big Data Analytics

This is worth more than its weight in gold as it shows you stats for all content on your site and you can see just about any performance metric tied to it allowing perfect content creation aligned to making money.

I love to use it to find the highest-earning content on my site, along with the category the content is in, and then use this information to find more content to create in the same area to maximize profits.

Tag Tester

This tool is powerful and it allows you to do seamless A/B testing using different titles and meta descriptions to see if you can maximize performance.

The best-performing tag will be set automatically once the testing cycle ends for the best-performing option.

Final Thoughts on Ezoic WordPress Hosting

Overall Ezoic WordPress hosting is near perfect for someone looking to maximize their returns, it’s great for those who are bootstrapping a site and don’t want to worry about hosting costs eating into their earnings.

The features offered by Ezoic combined with the price (free) make this an offer that is hard to pass up, I would strongly recommend giving them a try.

Even if you’re not currently using ads for monetization, I would urge you to start today and it will give you the ability to grow into the platform and take advantage of everything it has to offer once you are ready to start earning an income from your website.

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