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Why new niche site creators should choose Ezoic Basic ads to monetize their content

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While many have no issue managing and navigating the changing of “nameservers” and manually creating ad placeholders to build their passive income options many are not interested and would like a simple option, enter Ezoic Basic.

[snippet]Ezoic Basic allows you to have a larger range of ad publishers by adding one simple javascript to your header. Then a quick 3 steps to validate this file is found, configure your ads.txt, and get linked to the Google MCM and you will be off to the races on growing ad income.[/snippet]

For me, this series of steps took less than a day with the longest time being to wait on Google MCM acceptance and the ads started the second this was done by them.

Why new niche site creators should choose Ezoic Basic ads to monetize their content

What is Ezoic Basic?

Ezoic Basic is a more streamlined ad setup akin to Google AdSense but brings in the vast ad options Ezoic can provide, like a fixed footer and more ad sizes to maximize your potential income.

The main reason for this service to exist is to help provide an option from the normal Ezoic setup, this is because many can find it more tedious and exhausting to fully set up and fiddle with to get optimal.

These same users would then choose the low barrier of AdSense but when using AdSense they see very low overall RPMs from $2-6 and this opens the gateway to help more people by using Basic instead.

Ezoic Basic hands down provide you more income than AdSense due to being impression-based instead of only click-focused, this means every pageview and display of an ad provides income and not just when someone clicks on an ad itself.

When to Add Ezoic Basic?

Now is the time, there is no reason to wait as it requires no effort and will allow you to have some revenue coming in from your hard work instead of just the belief in money down the road.

The old excuse was that you shouldn’t add advertisements as they would slow down your website but now with the deferred javascript loading this isn’t the case, your website is loading the content and needed files first and then ads right afterward.

I am always a proponent of getting the different revenue systems in place as soon as possible, this is a perfect excuse to start showing those around you that your hard work can and will generate an income and it IS viable and profitable.

Benefits to Ezoic Basic vs AdSense

There are some reasons why starting with Ezoic Basic over AdSense makes a lot of sense for a content publisher like yourself, let’s look at some key reasons below:

Earn Via Impressions

If you aren’t aware for the most part Google AdSense is mostly a CPC, or Cost Per Click, advertiser which means they could put hundreds and thousands of ads on your site but you would only be paid when someone actually clicks on one of these ads.

SHH: Yes I know AdSense can do other ad types but the vast majority are CPC based on real data on young sites which just doesn’t pay well. (Others Are: CPM (cost per 1000 impressions), Active view CPM (cost per 1000 ‘viewable’ impressions) and CPE (cost per engagement)

Ezoic Basic are CPM based, or Cost Per Mille, which in layman’s terms is the payment per thousand (Mille) impressions. For informational content that can easily rack in views, this tends to pay much better to you than the CPC options AdSense provides you.

Footer Ad

While AdSense can decide to add one to your content when a visitor comes to the post or page Ezoic Basic, like their standard service, runs a footer ad all the time which allows for there to be building impressions and rotating banners continuing to grow your income over time.

More Ad Competition

Ezoic has a large. list of like 1500+ advertisers who compete for the ad space on a website, this competition grows the cost to the advertiser through bidding which helps make you earn the most per ad loaded and displayed to a visitor.

Drawbacks to Ezoic Basic vs Ezoic Standard

While it is a significant step up from using only Google AdSense there are some reasons why you may want to look and move to the Ezoic main system instead of just relying on Ezoic Basic:

Ezoic Basic Has Less Monetization

The main Ezoic service is full of monetization options to allow you to tweak the entire system to your needs, you can exclude specific pages or add more placeholders to pages allowing a range of customization.

In addition, you have video ads which pay much more per play than many other ad types, then you have the AI platform and the Big Data Analytics which can help you to mine your own data and find the most profitable content on your site to guide your content creation for profit.

Ezoic Basic Doesn’t Offer the LEAP Speed Tools

Ezoic Basic as it is just a javascript can’t provide you speed benefits which means you need to supplement it with other tools or plugins like FlyingPress or WP Rocket. These are to help your site load faster overall but Ezoic provides for free in their tool called LEAP with a full account.

Ezoic Basic Doesn’t Offer Levels and Premium Options

Ezoic Basic is limited in its scope so it doesn’t offer their levels which increase ad vendors and bidding along with no access to premium bidders, these are more custom offers from advertisers where they specifically need to target niches, and visitors, or similar with highly targeted ad campaigns.

These can dramatically increase your earnings from Ezoic so if you start with Basic and start to grow your income as you gain pageviews and experience it makes sense to make the move within the dashboard to make the jump to a full Ezoic account.

Example of the Simplicity of the Ezoic Basic Dashboard (Top Bar)
Example of the Simplicity of the Ezoic Basic Dashboard (Top Bar)
Example of the Simplicity of the Ezoic Basic Dashboard (Bottom Bar)
Example of the Simplicity of the Ezoic Basic Dashboard (Bottom Bar)

Final Thoughts on Ezoic Basic

If you are wanting to start getting some basic level of ad monetization on your site where you will spend next to no time getting them configured then Ezoic Basic is a near-perfect match for you, you can easily do this so that you can work to reach Mediavine or other providers where it’s all done for you.

I have seen no impact on page speed when using the javascript only setup on my site and the income versus AdSense on that site is night and day at about a 2-3x income increase which is perfect as this site is growing and has perfect page speed scores.

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