Does Google Owe You Payment If Someone Visits Your Blog?




does google pay you for blogging

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Those who have never blogged before may wonder why people would write content for the internet. Many seem to believe that Google directly pays for access to show and use your content but this is not exactly the full story, so does Google pay you for blogging?

Google does not directly pay you for blogging, but there are a number of ways that you can monetize your blog content. For example, you can include advertising on your blog, and sell products or services through your blog.

An additional benefit is that by building up a large audience and developing a strong reputation as an expert in your field, you may be able to attract speaking engagements or consulting opportunities, which can also be lucrative.

does google pay you for blogging

How Can You Get Paid From Google to Blog?

While overall Google doesn’t directly pay bloggers and content creators you do have some options to get paid. The most common method many will start with is using Google AdSense, this is a low barrier for entry system that can pay out a solid and passive income as your traffic grows.

Google AdSense

While not the highest paying way to monetize a site for many the simplest way to begin getting paid for their efforts is to start running display ads in their content and on their pages.

Google does this through their AdSense program which any site owner can sign up for and begin using. All you need to do is insert a few lines of code into your site to display the ads, and Google will take care of the rest, pulling in relevant ads based on your content and displaying them to your readers.

The nice thing about using AdSense is that it’s very low maintenance, you can set it up and then essentially forget about it, as the ads will automatically update and change as time goes on.

Additionally, there are no minimum traffic requirements, so even if your site is just starting out you can still begin earning money from AdSense.

Of course, as your traffic grows so will your earnings, and many bloggers have found that AdSense can be a solid income stream, especially if you have a large and engaged audience or you can look to move to a more premium service like the excellent Ezoic platform.

Additional Methods To Make Money Blogging

While display advertising is a perfect method to monetize a site without much effort to truly extract the full value of your content professional bloggers will expand on this, so how do you make money on Google blogging in addition to display ads?

Affiliate Marketing

You have seen this before and maybe not even know it, these sites are paid a commission to promote another company’s product or service, the largest and most well-known one is the Amazon affiliate program.

The way it works is that you, the affiliate, direct your audience to a specific product or service using a special link from an affiliate program.

This link has what is called an affiliate code attached to it which tells the company that you are directing traffic their way.

If someone clicks on your affiliate links and then purchases the product or products you are promoting, you will earn a commission on that sale.

Commissions can vary greatly from affiliate product to affiliate product but are typically around 3-10% of the total sale price.

Information Products

This is a digital product that many may have purchased before where the download is a PDF or an eBook with content that teaches the reader how to do something, this could be How to Start a Blog or How To Make Money Online.

The average cost of an information product is $27 but can often be much higher, with some products costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

If you have valuable content that you think your audience would be willing to pay for then this can be an excellent way to monetize your blog.

The best way to do this is to set up a landing page on a hosted service or directly on your site and then use an email capture form to build a list of interested buyers so that you can market the product when it’s ready.

Physical Products

Many bloggers find that the best way to monetize their blog is to simply sell products that are needed or used by their target audience. This will be limited based on the niche, but with some thought, you can come up with products that will work.

For example, if you have a blog about cooking, then you could sell pots and pans, spices, or even recipes that you have created. If you have a blog about gardening, then you could sell seeds, tools, or fertilizer.

The key here is to find products that are needed or used by your target audience and that you can get at a discount to sell for a profit.

Memberships and Courses

These are powerful tools that can bring in a large amount of income, many times a recurring month after month.

Online courses can be offered on just about any topic, and many bloggers find that this is an excellent way to monetize their blog as it provides a more hands-on experience for the reader and allows you to really show your expertise on the subject.

Memberships are perfect for those who have a lot of content or those who want to provide a service to their readers, especially on topics that are ever-evolving and growing.

For example, if you have a blog about fitness then you could create a membership area with workout plans, diet advice, and access to exclusive content.

The key here is to find a way to offer value that people are willing to pay for on a monthly basis.


Using your amazing passion with high-quality tools like you can offer direct coaching to your readers on any topic that you are an expert in.

This is perfect for those who want to really help people one-on-one and make a great income while doing it!

The key here is to find a way to offer value that people are willing to pay for on a monthly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pay for Blogging

Some normal questions that pop up in someone’s mind before they start blogging are:

How do beginner bloggers make money?

For most, this will start with display ads and Amazon affiliates as the perfect way to build a foundation for monetizing your blog traffic.

As your traffic grows you can start to branch out and experiment with other types of advertising and affiliate products that will fit your niche and audience.

What type of blog makes the most money?

This will depend frequently on topics that are more difficult to rank for pay the most, things like finance, diet, fitness, and product reviews.

This is because these topics tend to have higher CPC (cost per click) ads and affiliate products that pay out more per sale.

Can you make money blogging?

Absolutely, unequivocally yes. I currently bring in over $2500 a month blogging as a side hustle to my primary employment and there are many bloggers who make much, much more than that.

It does take time and effort to build a successful blog, but it is more than possible to make a full-time income from your writing.

Final Thoughts on Monetization for Blogging

In short, while Google does not pay you directly for blogging, there are a number of indirect ways that you can monetize your blog content and make money from your writing.

So if you’re looking to start earning some extra cash, consider starting a blog today and look to many of the online courses or our free one here to start today!

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