Domain Name & Legal Considerations: Finding Good Affiliate Marketing Names

The first thing you should start working on after you choose your niche will be the domain or “name” for ...

The first thing you should start working on after you choose your niche will be the domain or “name” for your business online, this would be the name that the searcher could type in like “” and reach you and your content.

As you may expect this seems relatively simple but new niche website creators and bloggers get it wrong all the time, choosing good domain names for affiliate marketing means doing some research and preparation prior and then some simple legal checks to make sure you are not going to have issues later.

We will start by covering why the domain is so important overall to your business and then jump into things to think about to name your niche site and business and how to choose a long-lasting domain for your niche site.

Lastly, we will cover some of the legal things you need to think about before making your final purchase of a domain to ensure you don’t need to purchase another to keep yourself legally in the clear.

Why Your Domain Name Is Important

A domain name represents you and your business in the online world. It is how customers and clients will find you amongst all the other businesses and other assorted websites out there.

Your domain name should be reflective of what you are offering and be memorable enough so that people can easily return to your site without having to search for it again.

It is also important to have a good domain name because it helps with your SEO or “Search Engine Optimization”. This is the practice of optimizing your website so that it appears as the top result for relevant searches in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

How You Are Presented to Your Visitors

A hugely important part that your domain plays for your business is your presentation to your visitors and customers because good domain names for affiliate marketing can make or break sales, especially later on info products, courses, and memberships.

Having a good domain name that is catchy, easy to remember, and relevant will give your business a huge edge over the competition who may have not put as much time into their domain names.

Your domain name is one of the first things any potential customer and visitor sees when they find you online and if it’s not good, they may just leave and never come back.

Your decision to choose a domain name can leave you in legal trouble down the road, especially if you are trying to draft or use the name of an already established business or brand.

You should always do a quick check on U.S.P.T.O (United States Patent and Trademark Office) to make sure that the domain name you want is not trademarked or in use by another business.

The last thing you want is to get slapped with a lawsuit because you knowingly or unknowingly used someone else’s business or brand name in your domain that you must remove immediately imploding all work you have done to build yourself up.

How to Name an Affiliate Niche Site

Let’s take a huge dive into what you need to consider when building the perfect name for your niche site and business through good domain names for affiliate marketing.

The goal here is to help you begin your process to find focus wording that works along with brainstorming a huge amount so that you have a list to select from and you get the perfect name for your business.

Here are the main points you need to think about and brainstorm around when finding good domain names for affiliate marketing:

Determine Key Descriptors and Details of Your Niche

To start you want to begin building a list of key ideas and descriptors that match the content you plan to cover, make sure to include where you may go in the next few years as you never want to name yourself too small.

For example, ballpoint pens, while it may seem like there are 100’s of posts in this niche it would benefit you to have a domain on “pens” and not on “ballpoint pens” as this gives you the leeway to broaden your site over time.

This list will be things that align with the niche you are wanting to go with, finding some words that you can then use when choosing a domain and hosting for this new site (Our top options are frequently updated here).

Begin to Brainstorm Additional Ideas

Brainstorming in a niche name can help you find unique value propositions and wordplay that you would have never thought of just by looking at the niche from a top-level view.

For those who don’t know, brainstorming is when you allow your mind to wander without judgment on what you are thinking of, this allows for some amazing “Aha!” moments where you find key phrases or words that you want to use.

You want to allow yourself to think up as many ideas as possible, even if they seem stupid at first because you will quickly weed through them and find the good ones that you can then begin to massage into a good domain name for affiliate marketing.

Niche down your brainstorming by finding narrower and more focused words that you can use to create a good domain name for affiliate marketing.

Easy to Spell

Make sure your words are easy to spell as much of word of mouth needs to be able to be spelled out when telling others, if it’s not easy to spell then you lose out on this potential traffic.

You also want to make sure that it can be said easily as people quickly become tongue-tied when trying to say a name, if they can’t get it out then you have lost them as a customer.

Simplicity is Best

In the time of these weird “ify” names like Spotify, you would prefer your name to be more simplistic and not need to be spelled out each time nor explained to someone why or how to get it correct.

Make sure to not make it too long that people will forget it and be turned off by the name as you want to make good domain names for affiliate marketing that is memorable, short, and sweet.

Easy to Pronounce

You want your name to be something simple to pronounce in most circumstances as people quickly give up when they can’t figure out how to say it, you want the name to flow off the tongue.

You also want good domain names for affiliate marketing so that people will remember it when talking about it later. If it’s too complicated then you run into the issue of them forgetting or getting frustrated trying to tell their friends or family.

Easy to Remember

Keep to real words and focus on making your name easy to remember, you want good domain names for affiliate marketing that people can see and then quickly say to themselves or out loud without having to think too much about it.

You don’t want names with hyphens or numbers as these are easily forgotten and people will often mix up the order of the words when writing it down later.

Check For Trademarks

Any name should have at least a cursory check against the trademark databases in the country you plan to operate within, for most this will be the United States which has lots of trademark laws that could endanger your wanted name for affiliate marketing.

Is your URL available? Social media handles?

You want to look at anything you believe is an instant win to see whether the website URL is even available and whether the common social handles aren’t taken by someone who could be mistaken for you.

Map Out Niche From Top Down

I mentioned it in passing above but you really want your name to carry forward forever with the site which means you want it to be timeless and preferably not tied to a very small niche where you quickly expand to the limits of available content.

You want to climb up your topics to try and reach what the top niche on that topic would be, this way your brand could start at this top-level and give you a near-infinite ability to write and grow into a huge Authority site over time.

Choosing Your Domain Name

Now that you have a load of key descriptors about your niche you can start to think about using them to choose a domain name itself, this will then become the way people online find you on the gigantic internet.

Always Niche Up Your Domain Name

I can’t say this enough, I listed it first as this gets nearly all first-time site builders, but don’t make your domain level at the very furthest down the niche rabbit hole.

While you may see it as “thousands” of post ideas by the time you get to writing you can expect this to whittle down fast and you don’t want to pigeonhole yourself with a domain tied to small topics if you want large traffic.

For example on ballpoint pens, once you write all there is to know and decide to move to ink pens or calligraphy pens. You lose some of that “domain presence” if you are covering them and your site is “” instead you wanted to buy “”.

Frequently people choose a site domain that is too small because they just don’t know before getting into it and deep into the weeds, you want to climb your niche and buy a domain as high up as plausible as this allows relatively unlimited growth into other shoulder topics.

Think Like a Web Visitor

What would someone looking for your niche be looking for? How would they search for it? What other things would they be looking for that tie into your niche?

You want good domain names for affiliate marketing because this will help you get traffic from both people looking for your exact niche as well as those who are just generally interested in the topic and come across your content.

Consider Being a Brand

Think names like “Nike” or “Apple” that have nothing to do directly with what they do or create but can easily be remembered and linked with the short domain and are good domain names for affiliate marketing, especially if you aim to become an authority in the topic with courses, memberships, and similar opportunities.

This is a harder one to achieve obviously, but if you think about it these companies operate in nearly every country around the world and have become household names.

Make It Memorable

You want good domain names for affiliate marketing because this will help you get traffic from both people looking for your exact niche as well as those who are just generally interested in the topic and come across your content.

You want a name that is easily remembered, spelled correctly, and something people can type in to their browser without too much effort. This last part is important as you don’t want to lose out on traffic because people couldn’t find you again!

Use the Right Extension

In the 2020s it matters less than ever before but nearly everyone who manually types a domain into the search bar of any browser will always write “.com” afterward due to decades of prevalence.

So my hope is to push you towards a dot com domain expressly due to the way telling someone a domain will work, if you try to tell them a crazy TLD, or Top-Level Domain, other than a dot com you will lose many people and may send traffic to someone else’s website instead.

Use SEO If Possible

As with anything on the internet if you can find a domain with a solid keyword for your niche this would benefit you, not specifically due to some magic SEO ability it provides but that is a clear descriptor to an audience on who and what you are and what you cover.

This shouldn’t be a game-breaker but it is nice to have since it can provide you some edge over other new sites when someone does see you in the search engines, even if minor.

Keep it Short

The shorter the domain the better, both to help someone remember and to make it less effort to type, you want to make this a simple thing for your visitors to get back to you multiple times.

This is doubly true if you think you will have a lot of international traffic as many other countries don’t use the Latin alphabet we do and may have difficulty with longer domain names.

Omit Hyphens and Numbers

While this may seem to be a silly thing people, in general, are bad at remembering these things when added to a URL, this is exactly what you don’t want as an online business owner and affiliate marketer.

Don’t Be Trendy

Remember fidget spinners? Yeah, they had their 6 months in the sun and died off as the fad faded. Imagine you got you thought you won and have an amazing website but the trend and fad died out and so will your site.

You want your name to stand the test of time which means it shouldn’t include trends, fads, or slang as they will date your site and make it seem like you’re not keeping up with the times.

There are also some basic legal issues and concerns you need to think about before any purchase for an affiliate marketing business, as I am not a lawyer if you have deeper thoughts on this then please talk to a professional before any purchase.

The below are things that will damage your business long term and they are frequently done by newer marketers and bloggers who think they are lucky to find URLs available but it’s more due to the damage these could do to a business that no one touches them.

Using a Trademarked Term

This is one of the biggest no-no’s you can do, if you use a trademarked(1) term in your domain name and someone with that trademark notices they could come after you for damages.

This could get expensive quickly as well as damage your reputation so just don’t do it, find another word or phrase to use.

Avoid Copyrighted Content Like Products In the Domain

Similar to a trademark, copyright(2) is something you can get in trouble for using without permission, this is different from a trademark as it can be a lot of things like a product name or image.

You need to make sure that whatever is in your domain name is not copyrighted by someone else as this could come back to bite you down the road when your business is doing good and someone notices.

Adding “The” or Similar Beforehand

If the domain you want is taken and not available for purchase don’t try to add a “the” or similar content before or after the name as this could bring up legal issues down the road.

This is a common way to get a good domain when the .com is taken, but it will open you up to issues if someone decides they don’t like it and want to come after you for trademark or copyright infringement.

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